Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long Absences are Good? - Yes!

As many of my faithful readers will have noticed, I have taken a long break from this blog. I have not been idle during this time, and my wargaming has only gotten more intense over the past few months.

Currently I find myself with no complete, playable, or even active Warhammer 40k army, for the first time in about six years. I sold almost my entire Grey Knights army this past summer for a few reasons, but most of which was the fact that I got tired of the greatness of the Grey Knights getting continuously stepped on by Games Workshop and Warhammer 40k. I won't complain much more than that right now, but I am going to start trying to piece together my return to 40k. The latest Space Marines Codex did not spur me to return to the White Scars, so I am currently keeping up with news as I can and awaiting that fateful day when they announce a brand new Daemonhunters Codex.

So I haven't been playing with Grey Knights. In fact, I haven't been playing 40k at all. I have been playing Dark Heresy, however, and I will update on that topic in the days ahead.

What I have been doing is playing Warmachine, from Privateer Press. I know, little off topic from the whole "Grey Knights and 40k in General" title of the blog, but I have come to embrace a more widely reaching view of miniatures wargaming.

I have another blog, too, that I share with some of my gaming group. It's called "Quartermaster's Notes" and can be found here. Also, I have opened up my own online gaming store. It is a very exciting store, and I believe that it has much to offer any gamer. I do not currently have the staff to support carrying Games Workshop products, but I hope to do so very soon. GW's rules about no one being able to sell from an online shopping cart really does hurt the store owners in some ways. But if you want to visit a new and growing (and awesome!) online gaming store, stop on by the Tabletop Armory.

Whew, now that's an update. As you can see, I am glad to be back on this blog. I have a alot of 40k and Grey Knights stuff to talk about.

The Emperor Protects!

- D.G.