Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to Choose a Warhammer 40k Army

I recently went through a bit of a change in my Warmachine playing life, and I have had some thoughts as to how this will affect my Warhammer 40k playing life. For the details on my radical changes in the game of Warmachine, please read "Forming a Blue Streak."

Basically it talks about my efforts to go through all of the story ("fluff" to most of us) and model ranges within that game and select my new faction based on which faction I thought I could embrace in full. This meant that I was not to avoid parts of the faction in order to play it, and it also meant that I needed to like not only that faction's part in the story of the world but also how they interact with it and, most importantly, if the story inspired me and led me down new paths.

Any interested reader can discover my processes with the other game, but a few days after writing that article I realized that I need to apply this same standard to my Warhammer 40k army of choice.

This will undoubedtly put me in a bad position, I feel. I have always stayed away from the Inquisition side of the Daemonhunters side of the Codex and stayed with the Grey Knights almost exclusively (except for an Inquisitor or two for flavor). This has led to my basically playing with only half of a Codex or even less than half.

Here I have two choices. Either find a way to embrace the full on Daemonhunters Codex, incorporating the whole faction, or choose another faction. I can always ally in Grey Knights with any army, and I hope this continues as things move along.

I am not ready to make any firm statements as of yet, but I think I will troll the 40k sites for a while and pick up a feel for where the hobby is at present, as I feel slightly removed from the Games Workshop hobby right now, and see where it takes me.

Hopefully it will lead my straight back to the Grey Knights.

The Emperor Protects,



Darthvegeta800 said...

Hopefully straight back to the GK's! I'm actually thinking of picking them up as my 2nd army. ^__^

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Paul said...

Just seen the new GK codex and I have to say it's looking better than I expected.

I was worried they were going to become something like a psychic space marines army, losing all the flavour provided by the Ordo Malleus but it seems my fears were misplaced. - Hurray.

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