Sunday, January 20, 2008

40k Returns -

Ok, so the holidays and the first part of January pretty much wiped out any blogging.

I've been putting together my Space Wolves army and preparing them for their first fight, which looks to be today against an Ultramarines army of 75+ models. Yeah, scary. This is Chris' first game with the Ultramarines, too, so it should be a nice match-up.

My newest Grey Knights list has Brother-Captain Stern in command, and I am anxious to see what advantages putting him in charge (instead of GM Emrys) will have on the army.

Stern List:

- 4x GKT

- 4x GKT

9 Grey Knights

9 Grey Knights

8 Grey Knights

8 Grey Knights

Land Raider

-Lascannon/Missile Launcher

So, follow the link to the Space Wolves blog over in my links section to check out the pre and post-battle reports for the Space Wolves.

The Emperor protects,



Chris said...

You left off the link in the links section. :D

D. G. said...

OH... heh heh, fixed.