Monday, January 28, 2008

Dark Heresy - Purgated

Today's post was supposed to be about the bright and wonderful future ahead for all of us in the new 40k rpg, Dark Heresy. The book sold out before it was even released, with a 2nd Printing in high demand. It is a beautiful book that I will comment on in a later post.

However, after this announcement from Black Industries, the whole thing went up like a Planet Killer's reactor exploding in BFG.

Apparently Black Industries is closing its doors in September, just 4 books into the Dark Heresy line. The Black Library wants to focus more on its novels and doesn't feel that it is in its best interest to continue with the two rpg lines, WHFRP and Dark Heresy. Several of my frequented online communities are already commented heavily on this issue, and feelings are across the board. One fellow on a forum stated that the whole thing stunk of possible insider trading. While I'm not sure any of us would want that kind of investigation going on, I am confident that none of us can understand why GW would shut down what promised to be such a popular line of rpg materials.

In the months ahead, I will personally be getting at least one copy of the 3 remaining Dark Heresy books and the Game Master Kit to make sure that I have this small and wonderful piece of GW gaming history on my shelf.

Sad days beget sadness,


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Chris said...

I'm right there with you. I'm going to have to pre-order the rest of the stuff.

Mine gets here by the end of the week. :D