Friday, March 7, 2008

In the Aftermath -

So, the results of the Battle for Stones River can be found here.

I'm towards the bottom somewhere, and Chris and I think that my painting certainly merited more than a 12 (especially considering the score is Eldar received for painting), but I'm not going to sweat that part of it at all. I had fun and it was a great experience. If you go to a tournament just to win glory all that's going to happen is a bunch of people are going to get mad and feelings will be irreparably damaged. I left my feedback, and that's that. Jason and Grant did a great job with the event, and I am very happy to have been a part of that.

But now, concerning my further service to the Inquisiton.

I tried a 2 Land Raider set up for BfSR, and I liked it well enough, but I ended up a little light on bodies. My second unit of Terminators also ate up points, so I've reviewed my list, looked at what's worked for me in the past, and taken what I've learned recently to construct a new army list that should compensate for some of the problems that I have experienced of late.


Returning to my early days of playing Grey Knights, the list again contains a small amount (40 points) of specifically anti-Chaos wargear and upgrades in the form of a Grimoire of True Names, Sacred Incense, and 2 Blessed upgrades. I did this because it returns flare to the army, if only for me. These guys fight Chaos, so that's what they're gonna be geared to do. I don't usually select any psychic powers, however, as they are generally useless against most opponents, and when I do fight Chaos other abilities, such as the Nemesis Force Weapon, are generally a much better use of the Psychic test.

Next, I paired down the Terminators to a single unit of 5, led by Grandmaster Emrys. I liked the performance from Brother-Captain Stern in the tournament, but I believe he would have survived more often if he had a third wound and better shooting gear in his unit.

Moving on the Troops, I selected to add Psycannons into the units in order to provide for static firepower and go back to relying on the Shrouding to protect me more often that I have been. I have not been taking advantage of the Shrouding when I should be, so these units will try to keep me doing that, as their usefulness is in the big guns.

Fast Attack I maxed out, selecting a unit of Incinerator toting Knights and 2 units of regular Knights. I won't always teleport all of these squads, but the Fast Attack slots allow me to place the bulk of my power armoured units on the field after the enemy has most of his army on the field, hopefully.

Heavy Support is probably the most changed. I removed both Land Raiders and put in 3 Grey Knights Dreadnoughts. Though not as resilient as the Land Raiders, I believe that they fit the feel of this list better than the tanks would have. Two are armed with Twin-Lascannons and Missile Launchers (they have the two Blessed upgrades) and one is standard with Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, and Dreadnought Close-Combat Weapon. Land Raiders tend to play too aggresively for my taste, it seems. There is a fellow GK player who loves Land Raiders, and he has a very successful forum following at The Bolter and Chainsword, found here.

The list is below, for those of you interested in the details of it, but that's about it. My plan to be a little less aggressive than the Land Raiders seemed to demand (mostly because of how many shots they took) and be more reactionary and opportunistic. I will post future details, of course, about how this list begins performing. I believe that I will stick with this list for at least a dozen games to get familiar with all the ins and outs of it before I determine if changes need to be made.

The Emperor Protects,


The Grey Knights of Grandmaster Emrys
Points: 1999 out of 2000


Grandmaster Emrys
-Master-Crafted Nemesis Force Weapon
-Grimoire of True Names
-Sacred Incense
-Psychic Hood
-Icon of the Just
-4 Grey Knights Terminators


Squad Auran
-Justicar Auran
-5 Grey Knights
--2x Psycannon

Squad Gormann
-Justicar Gormann
-5 Grey Knights
--2x Psycannon

-Fast Attack-

Squad Detlin
-Justicar Detlin
-7 Grey Knights

Squad Sirim
-Justicar Sirim
-6 Grey Knights

Squad Bressal
-Justicar Bressal
-7 Grey Knights

-Heavy Support-

Brother-Dreadnought Trian
-Assault Cannon
-DCC/Storm Bolter
-Extra Armour

Brother-Dreadnought Domnall
-Twin-linked Lascannon
-Missile Launcher
-Extra Armour

Brother-Dreadnought Brisind
-Twin-linked Lascannon
-Missile Launcher
-Extra Armour

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