Saturday, March 15, 2008

Limits are Good -

I recently came to the conclusion that a big part of my problem with the Grey Knights may be that I have too many. My options have always been open and flexible, with many different possible combinations of Grey Knights units available.

I believe that this has led to me searching for a perfect combination of units, rather than focusing on the mastery of what units I have at my disposal. A list doesn't work out for me, so I change it immediately, trying to fill in weak spots. This unerringly leads to old weak spots being strengthened and new ones opening up as points are shifted to other parts of the army.

Having reached this points, I resolved to reduce my army's size by three units: a squad of 10 Grey Knights in power armour, 5 Grey Knights Terminators, and a Land Raider.

The Knights and Termies have already found a new home in the army of my esteemed regular opponent over at the Ulthwe Eldar blog. The Land Raider is currently on ebay awaiting a bidder.

As I move ahead with the Grey Knights, I hope that this newly reduced total force will make me look at what I have available to me and to maximize and master the use of what I have rather than trying to get what I think I need out of entirely new lists each game.

The Emperor Protects,


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Anonymous said...

your blog is sweet, ive just started playing 40k, and decided to play grey knights and your blog has heaps of good info