Wednesday, October 3, 2007

3 Bad Dudes

Ok, these are my three Grey Knights Dreadnoughts. You can see the Forge World Mark IV and the one on the left are pretty much done, and the one on the right still needs painting. The Forge World Dread is fixed with his weapons, as the resin is expensive and not very changeable, so he is fixed with his Assault Cannon and Storm Bolter.

But the other two are plastic and much more swappable as the weapons are concerned. I have modified their close combat weapons to include Incinerators instead of Storm Bolters, just to fit with the theme. But most often these will be fielded in anti-armour mode, either with Twin-linked Lascannons and Missile Launchers or Assault Cannons and Missile Launchers (The latter provides for some anti-infantry suppression as well).

That's about all for today, I think. My adventures out in the real world, including saying hello to an officer of the law and learning that no one at Kroger knows how to operate a fax machine, have once again kept me from being able to take pictures of my entire Grey Knights army. oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, my first group of White Scars should be arriving! Stay tuned for further developments and my return to my first Chapter of Space Marines!


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Chris said...

I hope my Wraithlords will give your Dreadnoughts a good stand up fight.