Monday, October 1, 2007

Statement of Purpose

Every venture should start with a statement of purpose. Mine is very simple.

I am going to begin a chronicle of my experiences playing the tabletop war game Warhammer 40,000 (Warhammer 40k, or just 40k for short.).

This is a rich and diverse game and hobby, full of a rich storyline, models that will take your breath away, and my painting skills, which will just make you choke in most cases. There are modeling tips, painting advice, in-game tactics, and everything in between that could be covered by this blog. I will, in time, cover all of what I know and continue to learn about all aspect of the hobby.
My scope is not just limited to my armies, either. I will post on other topics, other armies, 40k in General (as the title suggests), rumors I hear, and stuff I like or don't like about the hobby.
Thanks in advance for all who are to become my faithful readers and who are or will become my fellow hobbyists!

My Army –

My current army is the Daemonhunters. More specifically, I have an all Grey Knights army. This is heralded as one of the most difficult armies to play, and I have loved every minute proving that I can and will succeed with this challenging and difficult army.

I am trying to finish up the painting for this army, and I will post pictures as I make progress. Most of the modeling for it is done, but I still have a Land Raider Crusader to finish for it.

So, here are some pics (not the best camera) of my Grey Knights Grandmaster. I have some touch-up work to do (which is why I took the pictures), but you can see a first look at what he will be when he's done.



Chris said...

Ah-ha! My opponent has begun his blog!

Ok, well that was overly dramatic. I look forward to our next encounter. The last one was... interesting.

Fritz said...

Hi, nice to find another Grey Knights player blogging. I’m starting out trying to do the same thing- running a pure GK army. Interesting so far also. I like your Grand Master conversion and the purity seals.

Hope to read more of your posts and see what works and doesn’t.