Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Howling in the Wind

Things have been a little hectic lately, but I figured I'd update everyone on what's going on with my Warhammer 40k hobby.

So, as I continue to work on the Grey Knights and playing about a game a week with my Ulthwe Eldar friend, I was planning on starting a White Scars army, which would be a momentous return for me. The White Scars were my first Chapter, and they will always be special to me. I ordered a Space Wolves Battleforce to start them off, as that boxed set had the best starting set of models for my needs for the Scars.

As I started to organize all of my GW stuff to pack it for our move (Yes, we're moving into our first house!), I came across the Space Wolves models that I had set aside for the day in the future when they finally released a new Space Wolves Codex. Well, I decided to take a small break and look through the models just to remind myself what I have, and a strange realization overtook me.

I can do a Space Wolves army!

It hit me that if I combine the 10 Terminators, Wolf Priest, and Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought with the Assault Marines, Landspeeder, and Bikes I already had, and add the models from the Space Wolves Battleforce, I'd have a full 2,000 points of Space Wolves!

So, my beloved first Chapter will have to wait for now. The Space Wolves (whom I probably like better than the White Scars) are the Chapter to which I will make my Space Marines return.

Stay tuned for more Grey Knights, more Space Wolves, and more Ninja 40k!

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